Welcome Back to Garden Of Eve

eamonns camera 852Well hello there everyone and welcome back to Garden Of Eve.  I know its has been a very long time since I last blogged and I could give you lots and lots of reasons why, but I wont as we would be here all day :).  The important thing is I am back and really excited about sharing my gardening, cooking and preserving experiences with you all. This year I am going to blog about gardening including sowing, growing,harvesting and preserving vegetables and fruit.  Also Im going to show you how to sow and grow flowers and how to save their seeds, saving you loads of money which is always a good thing.  Finally I am going to share lots of my recipes with you, some of which are from the produce and also everyday cooking and baking.

All my blogs will be illustrated as much as possible  because if you are anything like me, its always good to put a picture with the words 🙂 As the followers of my blog are from all around the world I will be covering many areas of  sowing and planting of  veg and flowers.  The timing of this will of course vary depending on where you live. I do hope you that you can take the time to follow my  blog this year as I guarantee you will learn lots of hints and tips on gardening,cooking, preserving and saving money………..So please stay tuned and I will show you all how easy and enjoyable it is to do all of the above!!

Thank you for tuning in.