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Hi Guys

It has been a very busy time since starting my blog, especially at this time of year when my garden plants need me too! I am delighted to see so many followers and would like to thank you all for your comments and questions. ¬†I would also like to apologise if I haven’t yet replied to your questions but I will as soon as I can.

I have updated my blog – About Me section to fill in a few blanks about my gardening experience and how I came to do what I do today!

So when you have nothing better to do with your time….have a read ūüėČ

Thanks again for following and please keep sharing with all your friends and family.



How To Grow Cucumbers And Squash

One of the 1st cucumbers of the season!

One of the 1st cucumbers of the season!

Hi Guys

At long last…better late than never I have planted up my cucumbers and squashes….yey ūüôā Cucumbers are one of those veggies that you either love or hate. ¬†I love homegrown cucumber but really don’t enjoy shop bought ones, similarly I feel the same about homegrown and shop bought tomatoes. ¬†Cucumbers and squashes are member of the cucurbitaceae (curcurbits) family along with vegetables/fruits such as melons, pumpkins and courgettes/zucchinis. ¬†They are all pretty similar in a lot of ways as they generally produce both male and female flowers (although there are some all female varieties available). ¬†Their fruits swell, they contain a very high proportion of water and prefer a warmer environment to grow well.


The cucurbits family love the sun, need plenty of water and a good fertilizer once the plants start to produce flowers…again I use tomato feed for this purpose. ¬†I have in the past tried to grow cucumbers and squashes outside but in recent years have found this very difficult due to the vast amount of rain we have been getting, as when the flowers of the squash family fill with water the wet ¬†pollen doesn’t set fruit in the same way as dry pollen (when growing under cover ¬†try not to wet the flowers too much when watering). ¬†I find growing under cover no problem at all and get more cucumbers and squash than I know what to do with….I do have a few preserving recipe tips for the ‘cucs’ which I will share with you as we start to harvest.

Planting your cucumbers and squash is quite simple…watch the you tube video for instructions on how this is done and don’t forget to subscribe on the link below the video so that you don’t miss out on more great tips and advice on Garden Of Eve ūüôā

Feeding your cucumbers and squash should be done on a weekly basis, I feed all my flowering fruit and veg with fertilizers such as tomato feed, homemade liquid seaweed or compost tea.  The cucurbit family are pretty heavy feeders and need plenty of nutrients so feeding is essential if you want to get a good crop from your plants.

Male And Female Flowers And Pollination

The female flower on the cucumber and squash plant have a small swelling behind the flower which will become the cucumber or squash, the male flower however only has a thin stem and no swelling. ¬†There are some all female species which do not need pollinating and will produce fruit without any problems, but most of the plants produce both male and female flowers and they need insects to pollinate the flowers in order to produce the fruits. ¬†When growing under cover it is very important to open doors etc to allow the insects in….some uninvited as well as the ones we want ūüôā The experts will say that you need to remove the male flowers as the cucumbers can sometimes be bitter and very seedy if you dont…I dont always do this and very rarelyhave had ¬†bitter fruits…I do get the odd seedy cucumber though which I dont mind.


The female flower will have a baby cucumber behind it (always the females left holding the babies!!)

The male cucumber flower has a thin stem behind the flower and no fruit!

The male cucumber flower has a thin stem behind the flower and no fruit!

When To Harvest

Remember that cucumbers don’t always look like the shop bought variety, they can big, long, short, fat, curved, spiky or even white (I grow a variety including white cucumbers). ¬†Pick these as soon as they are ready and this will encourage the plant to produce more. ¬†Try not to leave fruits on the plant too long as they will produce seeds, go bitter and too much energy will be given over to the ripe fruit and inhibit ¬†the plant ¬†from producing more flowers.

When harvesting your cucumbers always be very careful not to pull them from the plant as the stem is very fragile and can break easily, I either twist the cucumber or use a secateurs or a sharp knife.

Cucumber and squash have very large leaves to protect their fruits from scourging but sometimes they could do with a little bit of shading from the sun (ha ha), I use some green netting which I attach to the inside of the poly tunnel.

A great companion plant for cucumbers and squash is nasturtiums, which has a really pretty flower, trails over the trellis with the cucumbers and squash and the flower petals are edible which makes a really nice accompaniment to your salad bowl! They do grow very large when grown under cover so you only need maybe 1 or 2 plants.

Please Note:

I have been asked by a few of my followers about the bitterness issue when growing your cucumbers and apart from the removal of male flowers if there are any other reasons that the fruits maybe bitter….the answer to this is yes….and why….well in order to prevent bitter fruit, we need ¬†to find out what causes bitter fruits in the first place so if you follow these simple steps hopefully you will have bitter free cucumbers!

Try and keep cucumbers at an even temperature which can be difficult considering the strange weather patterns we are all experiencing right around the world.  If you live in a hotter climate then plant in an area where it is not getting the sun all day (slight shade) and if you are planting in a cooler area (like here :() then you need to make sure you plant your cucumber where it will get full sun.

Always use best practice when you water your plants, making sure you water evenly and regularly, especially if we do get some sunshine ūüôā

I hope this information is helpful and that you are not too confused with the male and female thing and bitter cucumbers!!

Happy Gardening ūüôā

Its been a ‘dog of a day’

photo (3)


Hi Guys

Well it has been ‘A Dog Of A Day’ today. ¬†I decided this morning as the sun WAS SHINING (I take back what I said in my last blog!!) that I would really get ‘stuck in’ to the veggie gardening and get loads done.

Well I started off with pinching out’ and ¬†tying up the tomatoes………which took awhile as there are approx 140 of them!! Then I tied up all of the onions which I have been drying for a couple of weeks now and hung them in the tunnel.

Most days when I am gardening I let one of my dogs Buddy out…..he is only 1 year old and I have been training him off a lead so that he follows me and doesn’t run away…..so whilst I work he wonders around the land hunting…..as terriers do and digging holes where ever he can…..luckily we don’t really have a fancy lawn…just rockeries and lots of meadow land so he can do what he does best…..dig dig and dig. ¬†In order to keep a check on him I call him back every 10 mins or so……BUDDY I call……usually he is back looking for his biscuit within a minute or so……I do spend a lot of my day shouting his name but luckily for us we don’t have lots of neighbours……if we did I would probably have been locked up by now!!

We own 3 Parson Jack Russells……Ralph is the Daddy, Buddy who is 1 and Tilly who is 2 are his ‘off spring’ . Tilly lives with my daughter at college….and when I say at college…..this dog really does go to college and lectures (only in Ireland) ¬†so she is away quite a bit. Ralph is a ‘city slicker’ who used to live in the UK and doesn’t venture out too much….unless he is on a lead……as he would run off down the road looking for a playmate….more his age….he is nearly 10. ¬†Buddy loves to play with Ralph but he is a bit like an ‘off the rails’ teenager and is not getting on too well with his Dad…who is usually sleeping or smoking a pipe lol ūüėČ or watching the box (that would be everything that moves outside of the house).

photo (1)


So today I called Buddy as usual after leaving him wander for probably about 15 minutes…..no Buddy came for a biscuit….so I called him again and again and again. ¬†I then looked into the field next to our land and there was Buddy playing ‘tag’ with the brown cow. ¬†Now this cow and buddy have become very good friends…..Buddy needs a playmate and when Tilly is not home he does get a little bored and wanders more than usual……When he first ventured into the next field and met the brown cow…..he barked and ran round and round the cow……but the cow wasn’t in the least bit interested…..which puzzled Buddy somewhat…..eventually Buddy decided that as the cow would not play with him…..he would just follow the cow and eat grass!!! It is very funny to watch and the cow completely ignores Buddy…….he even lies down and lets Buddy wander around him.

So I called Buddy and he looked over at me…..and turned away…..typical teenager I thought…..then I called him again……this time he looked at me and then ran the other way….towards the sheep…….OMG…..NOT THE SHEEP……this is not a good thing…..as the farmers do not appreciate dogs chasing their sheep and have been known to shoot any dogs that are found in the fields with their sheep. I called and called and called…..in the end I gave up calling and knew I had to go into the field and find him. ¬†I could see the sheep in the distance running for their lives…..and my buddy Buddy running after them (being a white dog doesn’t ¬†help!) ¬†I walked down to the next doors house which is a bit of a walk and climbed over their barbed wire fence into the field…..continuously calling Buddy. ¬†I could see him in a corner of the field near a bush……he was jumping in and out of the bush and I knew by the antics of him that he was playing ‘tag’ with……yes…..a sheep. ¬†I ran over and screamed at him but like any bad teenager he carried on…..the sheep was giving as good as he got. ¬†Eventually I dragged him back to the house…….shouting and roaring at him for being such a bad dog and threw (not literally) into the yard…..with his dad….and told him he was GROUNDED ūüėČ

Not long after this little episode it became very busy on the roads….there was even a traffic jam…….BAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!

Wheres Buddy......He will get this traffic moving!!

Wheres Buddy……He will get this traffic moving!

I did give in a little later on today and Buddy did behave…….although when I was closing up the tunnels he got a little confused as to which was the way out ūüôā
Im SORRY mum....can I come out now!!

Im SORRY mum….can I come out now!!

I did manage to get a little more gardening done and moved all the peppers and aubergines to the hot house tunnel (the smaller tunnel) which reaches 100 degrees, the larger tunnel is usually a few degrees cooler so I grow all the toms etc in the smaller tunnel.

Training will continue tomorrow ūüôā

Good Night


Flaming June!!!

Hi Guys

The month of June is often referred to as ‘FLAMING JUNE’….I am quite happy to give it the name ‘flaming’ but not because the sun is shining……..oh no……we had a week of sunshine at the beginning of June and I think that was our summer over :(……since then we have ¬†had more rain than any gardener would know what to do with. ¬†Since moving here to Co Kerry in Ireland I have found out where the expression ‘Bucketing Down’ came from……HERE. ¬†Anyways thats enough complaining about the crazy weather that we seem to be suffering all around the world….I think its Mother Natures way of getting back at us for destroying her beautiful planet. ¬†On a serious note….it is quite frightening what is going on with the weather patterns….Rant finished…Honest!!

Luckily for me I do most of my gardening under cover ūüôā

Well its been another very busy few days in the tunnels. ¬†My apologies for not putting ‘fingers to the buttons’ for a couple of days………..there is definitely not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done in the tunnels at this time of year. ¬†Im not complaining…..it is my passion…..my hobby…….and MY SANITY ūüėČ ¬†I find that all the other everyday ‘chores’ that I have as a mother, wife, housewife, cleaner, dog walker, cook and chief bottle washer are the things that I don’t have time for and wish I could put on hold while I get on with growing my veggies……Don’t get me wrong……I love my family and they come before ANYTHING else….. even the gardening!!

I cleared a few of the raised beds in the big tunnel ready for new crops to go in.

Where the potatoes were growing, I dug over the bed and added lots of organic compost and we…..well my lovely hubby and I put up a trellis for the cucumbers and the squash plants to grow up. ¬†I know it looks big….well it is quite large…..I have recycled one of the fences that I used for my hens pen (that’s a story for another day…hens, that is!!) ¬†It fits perfectly into the raised be and we have tied it to the crop bars so that it stays in place.


The reason for using a trellis is so that I can use the rest of the raised bed for growing other veggies such as celery, lettuce and rocket which are quite happy to have a little shade which they will get from the cucumbers and squashes as they grow.


These are just SOME of the cucumbers which I have planted!

The Cherry Tomato hanging baskets are finally hanging up…..I put them into the new larger tunnel as we still haven’t had a chance to change the cover in the old one……and we have tomatoes…..they look like little green peas at the moment but hopefully they will be my little red cherry toms in no time at all.


The sweetcorn is looking good now along with the courgettes/zucchini and the beans (which have yet to appear). Image

I have nearly cleared the rest of the parsnip bed ready to plant another batch of parsnips and some carrots. ¬†The parsnips (tender and true) are doing extremely well and looks so healthy…..must thin them out soon but I try and wait so that we can use them for dinner!Image

The salad leaves, rocket and mustard are doing really really well…..luckily we love salad and just like tomatoes…….the flavour is amazing and the variety that you can grow yourself you could never buy in the shops!Image


I have also been very busy doing a couple of videos on how to grow your cucumbers and squashes up a trellis and another on growing corn, courgettes/zucchini and peppers. I will edit these and upload in the next few days along with a blog to explain the videos in more detail.

OK must head back out to the tunnels and get muddy!!

Thanks for following and Happy Gardening


How To Support/Stake Your Tomato Plants

It is very important to support your indeterminate tomato plants because they will grow tall and without support will fall over and any fruits growing will be more prone to disease from the damp soil. The easiest way to support or stake your plant is to use bamboo canes, string or even a fruit cage. This video shows you how easy it is to stake your tomato plants in order for you to have strong healthy plants that are easily managed.

When watching this video  click on the link to SUBSCRIBE to my videos, you will then  receive a message each time a new video is uploaded.  

Thank you


All In A Days Work With The Three Sisters!

Hi Guys,

What a great productive day i’ve had today……well everyday is productive but today was ‘mental’ busy but I enjoyed every minute….and the sun shone…..yey!!

The day started well…..we had electricity ;)…sad but I really missed it yesterday. ¬†So all my gadgets and gizmos were charged up and ready to ‘role’, including ME!!

I popped over next door to my elderly neighbours first as they love their flowers and had a load of bedding plants that needed to go in………I thought that would be a 20 minute job as most of the flowers go into pots and tubs rather than into the ground…..but not today…..my lovely neighbour decided she would like them to be planted into a corner of her lawn. ¬†Now there is a flower bed there………BUT it was mostly covered in grass and weeds ūüė¶ Oh well, I set to it and once I got going…..with the help of my elderly neighbours, their son in law…..and their 4 year old grand daughter……we cleared the ground…..made a new boundary with some rocks (no problem finding them here as we live at the bottom of the mountainside). ¬†Then we planted up some buzy lizzies and a few other bedding plants…..JOB DONE…..had a lovely cup of tea with them and a homemade scone and headed back to my tunnels.

I then prepared the bed where I had previously grown my onions, added some fresh compost and planted up all my sweet corn plants Lark, Lapwing and some italian sweet corn which I bought in Florence last year. ¬†I then inter planted them with some Courgettes/Zucchini…..Defender, Parthernon and again some Italian squash courgettes which I bought in Florence. ¬†I also popped a few Speedy Beans around the bases of the Sweet Corn.

Why mix all these together I hear you ask…….well Sweet Corn and Courgettes/Zucchini are very hungry nitrogen plants and deplete the soil of this very important nutrient. ¬†On the other hand the beans (or peas) actually do the opposite and put nitrogen back into the soil….so by planting these together hopefully we will have a happy balance of nutrients. ¬†This combination of plants is often referred to as ‘The Three Sisters’, which is an ancient method of gardening. ¬†Sometimes this is done in a mound or hill but I plant all of mine level and it works!

Corn¬†is the oldest sister. She stands tall in the center. Courgette/Zucchini (Squash)¬†is the next sister and she grows over the ground protecting her sisters from weeds and shades the soil from the sun with her leaves, keeping it cool and moist. ¬†The third and final sister is the¬†Bean (or pea) and she¬†climbs up the sweet corn as she reaches for the sun. Beans help keep the soil fertile by converting the sun’s energy into nitrogen filled nodules that grow on its roots. As beans grow they use the stored nitrogen as food…..Lesson Over ūüėČ


The 3 Sisters………although there are only 2 above ground as baby sister (bean) is still waiting to show!

If you are growing more than one type of sweet corn it is always advisable to leave a few feet between as they are wind pollinated and you might get a strange corn!!  I have planted mine in 3 areas as I have 3 different types.  Also remember that sweet corn MUST be planted in blocks rather than rows to pollinate.  I will do another blog on this subject as there is a little more to pollination than other veg, especially when growing under cover.

Last but not least today, I potted up my peppers of which there were loads. ¬†I am growing sooooooo many different types including Apache Chilli, Super Chilli, Chilli Shake, Lantern Chilli, Californian Wonder and loads more…..tooooo many to name…..some really hot and some not!!


A few peppers all potted up ready to sit in the smaller tunnel (my hot house) along with the tomatoes!

I have done a quick video so hope to upload in the next couple of days of planting the corn and courgette/zucchini plants along with the beans.

Tomorrow is another busy day so think its time for a well deserved rest.

Good Night


What a strange day!

Hi  Guys
Well the weather is back to normal here in Co Kerry, Ireland …….rain, rain, rain and more rain……oh well watering all the rockeries and flower borders when there is no rain is a really long job…..so I’m just looking on the positive side :).
I was busy in the tunnel yesterday afternoon and managed to get another short video shot to show you how to support your indeterminate tomato plants and so in the evening I uploaded the video onto my computer to edit and publish. ¬†It was around 10.30pm and I was chatting on face time when all of a sudden everything went off!!!! ¬†Strange I thought but this isn’t unusual ….not here but little did i realise that this was going to be a long night……and day. ¬†We do get power cuts now and then but power is usually restored with a couple of hours…..sometimes less. ¬†This time……the hours went by…..I was working on my computer till it ran out of ‘juice’….so that was the end of my video editing and blog…..I waited up for awhile enjoying the silence and the beautiful glow from the candles and Tilley lamps. ¬†A couple of hours went by and not even a ‘sizzle’ of power, so I decided to take my torch and head for the bed!
I did wake up a couple of times in the night to use the bathroom and was surprised that the power was still out…….and was still out when I rose this morning. ¬†I did start to get a little concerned, as being a keen gardener I like to preserve as much of my produce as possible so I have a couple of very large chest freezers which are pretty full ¬†most of the time and need electricity to run….luckily we have a small generator and some petrol in can so we managed to get power to them.
I had to go out for a while today and thought that the power was bound to be back on when I arrived back around midday……..no……it wasn’t…..but there was a field full of electricity trucks and a very big digger in the field opposite the house……2 men were working at the top of a electricity pole in the pouring rain and another couple were working on the ground using the digger……I could see this was a big job and felt sorry for the poor guys working in such awful weather. ¬†Apparently the pole was rotten and had fallen……that would be the RAIN!! ¬†Finally the power came back on around 3 this afternoon by which time I was busy back in my tunnels digging.
What I did get from those 16 hours without electricity is Imagehow much we rely on and take for granted this power that controls our world….I felt lost…..my computer, ipad and phone were all out of ‘juice’…..quite sad really that we live in such a materialistic world of electronics etc and feel like we’ve lost our right arm when we can’t use them.
So after all that excitement I will blog tomorrow, upload a video or 2 and to those of you who have sent questions, my apologies but hope to answer them tomorrow.
Good Night
From the brightly lit home of Eve

Summer Is Here…..At Last……Yippee :) Time to plant up those Strawberries!

Hi Guys

Well Summer has finally arrived here in Southern Ireland…..not sure how long for but we will enjoy it while it last. Very very busy day yesterday in the tunnels and the garden……..soooo much to do at this time of year and so nice to do the gardening in the sunshine. Well, I planted up my strawberry plants into larger pots. ¬†They were in 3 inch pots and were more than ready to put into their final planting position as they are in flower and lots of strawberries are started to appear. Strawberries are easy enough to grow…..Honest. ¬†They can be grown outside but they do like lots of heat ¬†and sunshine so this year I have planted them in pots in one of my tunnels. ¬†They can be planted straight into the ground, hanging baskets,containers or in growbags………..all of which are fine as long as they are kept well watered. I planted mine into containers this year as we are still working on the tunnel that they are in so they need to be moved around as we work. To plant up your strawberry plants is very simple if you follow these simple steps: Image

First thing you will need to pot on your strawberry plants is your container, basket or growbag. ¬†If your planting into the ground the rules are the same. Strawberries need good, rich, moist compost…….an organic grow bag or your own compost if you have a compost heap! ¬†Fill your pot, container or hanging basket up to about a 3rd from the top allowing room for the strawberry plant and roots which will make up quite a bit if it’s in a reasonable sized pot to start with. Carefully take your plant out of it pot by gently squeezing the bottom of it if necessary. ¬†Arrange your strawberry plants on top of the compost in your container.Image

Strawberries can be planted quite close together so you can put 2 or 3 in your container. ¬†Once the plants are in position you need to fill the pot up with more compost. ¬†It is really really important NOT to cover the top (crown) of the strawberry plant, as this is where the plant grows their new shoots….so fill the pot only to the same level as the plant was in its original pot.

Strawberries will need feeding when they start to flower. ¬†Feed your strawberry plants with a good quality fertilizer such as the tomato food…….I know the label says it for tomatoes but its perfect for all flowering veg and some fruit!!


This is the perfect time to go and buy your strawberry plants. ¬†Im going to buy some more today so that I hopefully will have strawberries all summer……thats the plan anyway!!

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Did you know that strawberries¬†¬†are one of the superfoods, they are packed full of vitamins, fibre and high levels of antioxidants. ¬† ¬†Strawberries also help to protect your heart, increase the GOOD cholesterol (HDL) and lower your blood pressure. ¬†They ¬†are sodium free, fat-free and low in calories! ¬†They are classed in the top 20 fruits in the antioxidant category and just one serving….about 8 strawberries will give¬†you more Vitamin C than an orange.

So get planting those juicy, healthy little fruits!!

Also managed to get some more seeds planted:

Beans, Peas, Swede, Cabbage, Corn,Cauliflower and more to do today….busy busy busy!!!

I know some of you will be thinking it’s too late to plant some of these seeds but I will be growing a lot in my tunnel over the winter.

Hope you all have a great day and that the sun shines for you toooooo ūüôā



How To Feed Your Tomato Plants

P1040670Hi Guys

Now that your tomatoes are hopefully in the ground, container or hanging basket and have a few flowers starting to appear, we need to remember to water, FEED and give them a bit of TLC.

Tomatoes are very hungry plants and  need a lot of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate,potash/potassium, calcium, magnesium,  and a few other trace minerals in order to help the plant grow strong and produce healthy juicy toms!!

There are a number of ways to give your tomato plants those all important nutrients but the easiest way is to buy a good quality tomato fertilizer (food) which you will find in any good garden centre or most large supermarkets.  Fertilizers are a mixture of 3 important nutrients which are fed to plants;  Nitrogen, which encourages leafy green growth;  Phosphorus, which is really good for encouraging flowers and so giving you your fruits; and Potassium, which is needed when the plants are in  flower to help to produce the fruit. These 3 important nutrients are often referred to as the N P K ratio.  If you were in the commercial growing world you would look at the label and these nutrients would be listed as numbers; ie. 10-15-5 which would mean that the fertilizer would contain 10% nitrogen, 15% Phosphorus and 5% Potassium (in that order).

When choosing a fertilizer for your tomato plants you need to make sure it’s not too high in nitrogen (1st number) as this would encourage lots of green leafy growth but not fruit. ¬†If you buy a good quality tomato fertilizer then you will have the right combination of these nutrients…..which makes life much easier for us all.

There are many other methods of feeding your tomato plants but I think the tomato fertilizer is great, especially if you are new to growing tomatoes……..and you don’t have to worry about making sure you have the right NPK!!!

I also do a weekly foliage feed of  liquid seaweed fertilizer which  not only feeds your tomato plants with extra minerals but also acts as a bug deterrent and I find that those nasty little pests stay off my plants.  A good spraying of  liquid seaweed fertilizer also encourages healthy growth and is excellent when sprayed on new transplants. Try to buy organic if possible.

Whether you are watering your plants or feeding them using liquid fertilizer as a foliage¬†spray, try to do it either early morning or early evening when it’s cooler, which will ¬†prevent the leaves from burning (sun-scald)……That’s if the sun is shining ūüôā

Read the instructions carefully on the back of the bottle and it will tell you how much liquid fertilizer and seaweed fertilizer (food)  you need to add to your watering can or sprayer.  Always give the bottle a shake before pouring.

I feed my tomatoes once a week and foliage spray with liquid seaweed every couple of weeks. ¬†As I live so close to the sea…..only 1 mile down the road to the atlantic, I actually collect the seaweed and make my own fertilizer but there are many organic seaweed fertilizers available to buy.

Tomatoes grow over a long season so be patient. Feed, water and hope the sun shines!!!!

Happy Growing ūüôā

mixed 2012 gardening and dogs 359

Not much gardening done today as I had to go to the dentist :(. Have had pain for a few weeks now and had to have a filling removed and refilled…..it was an old filling so hoping that has solved the problem ūüôā

How To Plant Tomatoes

First things first. ¬†The most important thing to growing any plant is the soil that you are going to grow it in. ¬†If you have poor soil then you cant expect to get healthy plants…Common sense really!!

Tomatoes are not really fussy about soil but I always add some organic compost to mine, usually a grow bag or two.  If you have your own compost heap, even better.  Unfortunately mine is not very good at the minute as we are building some new compost bins.


Always plant tomatoes where they will get lots of sun (wishful thinking!). Try and plant either early morning or the evening if the weather is warm so that they don’t get transplant ¬†shock.

Carefully take your tomato plant out of its pot (you might have to squeeze the pot slightly if there are lots of roots).  Make the planting hole deeper than you would normally do as we need to bury the tomato plant right up to the top few leaves, this will enable the plant to produce more roots along the stem and make a much stronger plant.

As tomatoes are hungry plants and need lots of nutrients you can add a couple of extra things into the bottom of the planting hole, although this is not essential and additional nutrients can be added if needed as the plant grows.

For magnesium, which promotes plant vitality and productivity, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts into each hole.Image

For Calcium, add a handful of crushed egg shells which helps prevent ‘Blossom End Rot’ which I will explain in more detail later on this blog.¬†Crushed Egg Shells

Now add a little organic compost into the planting hole before putting the tomato plant in.

Remember to take off all the ‘side shoots’/leaves right up to the top few.Image

Put the tomato plant into the hole so the lowest set of leaves is at soil level then fill the hole with the compost/soil.Image

Press the soil down around the plant gently but firmly to remove any air pockets, LABEL and water well.Image

As soon as you see the first ‘trusses’ (flowers) then you need to start feeding your tomatoes with a good quality tomato feed which is available from any good garden¬†center¬†and some super markets. ¬†There are alternative, cheaper home-made fertilizers to feed ¬†the tomatoes which I write about soon.

Hope that this information, along with the video will help you to plant your tomatoes successfully.

In my next blog on tomatoes I will explain a little more about nutrient¬†deficiencies¬†and will show you some photos as most tomato growing problems happens to the best of us…..INCLUDING ME!!


(Please read the instructions on your tomato feed bottle).

There is so much more to this vegetable/fruit. ¬†I will help you along with growing your tomatoes and ensuring that you grow strong healthy plants and also what you can do with those yummy tomatoes, including, relishes, salsa, sauces, sun-dried, preserving including freezing etc etc etc…..Stay Tuned!!