Strawberry Fields Forever!

photo 2Hi Guys

Busy day again today and so much to ‘show and tell’ but too tired so I will just show you a few photos of my yummy strawberries which I picked yesterday 🙂

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Over 1kg of strawberries picked today :)

Over 1kg of strawberries picked today 🙂

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I spent most of today potting on my chili and bell pepper plants which I will give you more information on tomorrow.  Also made a small video on how to do this so stayed tuned 🙂

Good Night Guys and Happy Gardening

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Hi Guys I love this time of year, the days are longer, the sun is high enough to stay above the mountain facing us and follows the ridge all the way down into the ocean before it disappears for a few hours. Another busy day in the tunnels today, not sure which way to turn as there is still so much to do but its keeps me out of mischief 😉  First thing this morning I decided to pick some more strawberries from the 125 strawberry plants that I have growing this year….from 12 plants that were grown last year ( I will show you exactly how to do this in another post coming up soon).  So I started to pick my lovely red strawberries but as I went along the bed I began to get more and more disappointed as there were so many ripe fruits that had gone rotten 😦  I knew the reason for this was the fact that the bad ones were lying on the damp soil and should have put straw around them when I first planted them…..I forgot, or should I say, I was too busy doing other stuff.  Anyway I knew if I was going to get a good yield  from my strawberry bed I needed to do something before I lost more yummy fruit, so with the help of my hubby we carefully covered the soil around the strawberries with….yep…straw.  Very fiddly job when there are so many mature plants.  My advise is that you do this job when you first plant them, which is what I should have done!

Great bed of strawberries but having to throw a lot away due to the fruits lying on damp soil.....They need tucking into a nice straw bed!

Great bed of strawberries but having to throw a lot away due to the fruits lying on damp soil…..They need tucking into a nice straw bed!


Nicely tucked into their new straw bed 🙂 P1000934   Once I had that job out of the way I decided that I needed to tidy up a little, especially as I fell over the hose yesterday 😦  I also planted on the courgettes in between the corn and beans (three sisters) and have a baby courgette already.

Courgettes are coming on nicely

Courgettes are coming on nicely

The lettuce has settled down now and is over the transplant shock. Also the flower hanging baskets, of which I have done 15 for both friends and myself are starting to look really good.  I will keep them in the tunnel for a couple of weeks so that when they finally go outside they will be in full bloom. P1000936 Tomorrow will once again be a busy day.  I have to transplant my peppers into larger pots, plant some more potatoes, transplant some more salad seedlings into cell trays and stake my tomato plants….not much really 😉 P1000960P1000956


Thanks for tuning and happy gardening.

Take Care


And So The Harvest Begins….Again

Strawberry Fields Forever!

Picked some more juicy strawberries today….they were my starter….didn’t get past the draining board after washing 😉

Hi Guys Just thought I would share some photos of today’s harvest with you.  I love salad and grow LOADS of it.  Once again, you cant buy this is the shops, it is so tasty and the different colours look amazing on the plate.  I grow over 25 different varieties of salad leaves which look and taste soooo good. I could live on salad….sounds healthy doesn’t it but my problem is I like all the naughty saucy stuff that goes with it too 🙂

I will give you all the details of the salad leaves that I am growing in a future blog along with lots of other yummy salad plate goodies, including edible flowers that you can grow alongside your veggies as companion plants and look fantastic on the plate!

My big bowl of 'Rabbit Food' yum :)

My big bowl of ‘Rabbit Food’ yum 🙂

This is a really tasty mix of oriental mustard, Garden Cress, Arugula, RocketP1010450 and Japanese Greens
This is Oriental Mustard salad. Its a really nice mix of spicy salad leaves!

This is Oriental Mustard salad. Its a really nice mix of spicy salad leaves!

Summer Is Here…..At Last……Yippee :) Time to plant up those Strawberries!

Hi Guys

Well Summer has finally arrived here in Southern Ireland…..not sure how long for but we will enjoy it while it last. Very very busy day yesterday in the tunnels and the garden……..soooo much to do at this time of year and so nice to do the gardening in the sunshine. Well, I planted up my strawberry plants into larger pots.  They were in 3 inch pots and were more than ready to put into their final planting position as they are in flower and lots of strawberries are started to appear. Strawberries are easy enough to grow…..Honest.  They can be grown outside but they do like lots of heat  and sunshine so this year I have planted them in pots in one of my tunnels.  They can be planted straight into the ground, hanging baskets,containers or in growbags………..all of which are fine as long as they are kept well watered. I planted mine into containers this year as we are still working on the tunnel that they are in so they need to be moved around as we work. To plant up your strawberry plants is very simple if you follow these simple steps: Image

First thing you will need to pot on your strawberry plants is your container, basket or growbag.  If your planting into the ground the rules are the same. Strawberries need good, rich, moist compost…….an organic grow bag or your own compost if you have a compost heap!  Fill your pot, container or hanging basket up to about a 3rd from the top allowing room for the strawberry plant and roots which will make up quite a bit if it’s in a reasonable sized pot to start with. Carefully take your plant out of it pot by gently squeezing the bottom of it if necessary.  Arrange your strawberry plants on top of the compost in your container.Image

Strawberries can be planted quite close together so you can put 2 or 3 in your container.  Once the plants are in position you need to fill the pot up with more compost.  It is really really important NOT to cover the top (crown) of the strawberry plant, as this is where the plant grows their new shoots….so fill the pot only to the same level as the plant was in its original pot.

Strawberries will need feeding when they start to flower.  Feed your strawberry plants with a good quality fertilizer such as the tomato food…….I know the label says it for tomatoes but its perfect for all flowering veg and some fruit!!


This is the perfect time to go and buy your strawberry plants.  Im going to buy some more today so that I hopefully will have strawberries all summer……thats the plan anyway!!

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Did you know that strawberries  are one of the superfoods, they are packed full of vitamins, fibre and high levels of antioxidants.    Strawberries also help to protect your heart, increase the GOOD cholesterol (HDL) and lower your blood pressure.  They  are sodium free, fat-free and low in calories!  They are classed in the top 20 fruits in the antioxidant category and just one serving….about 8 strawberries will give you more Vitamin C than an orange.

So get planting those juicy, healthy little fruits!!

Also managed to get some more seeds planted:

Beans, Peas, Swede, Cabbage, Corn,Cauliflower and more to do today….busy busy busy!!!

I know some of you will be thinking it’s too late to plant some of these seeds but I will be growing a lot in my tunnel over the winter.

Hope you all have a great day and that the sun shines for you toooooo 🙂